Burning Tears, poetic forests & magical tors


I love words – especially words that are put together in beautiful or unusual ways. On my computer I have a file where I put these beautiful or meaningful quotes, or just phrases that I feel are particularly eloquent. Many of these are random, taken from books I am reading or have read in the past. I’m very lax and usually forget to make a note of where I have found the words & phrases that I have found so interesting, so I apologise in advance to any authors if I have used your words (in different ways/media, of course) without crediting you. I hope, however, that my artwork, illustrating them, does them justice.

Two such phrases are included here on pages from my art journal. I have no idea where I found the words, but they inspired me to complete two very different pieces of art-work. Enjoy

J 8 burning tears                       j 4 poe-tree

The Stars were Fire in my eyes releasing Burning Tears                           A Darkened Forest of Softly Glowing Poem-covered Trees

The third picture is a watercolour of Glastonbury Tor. Though taken from a photograph, I have used unusual colours and techniques to give a mystical interpretation that sums up the place for me. It featured greatly in the years following the break up of my marriage. I visited the Tor several times and received a great deal of comfort and healing there. The magical aura of the place enabled me to find myself again – find the woman I was, that was hidden by all the layers of being the wife, the mother, the teacher, the friend etc etc. You can read more of my connections to Glastonbury, and the Hawthorns that grow there in my stories from the soul page.

Glastonbury Tor I have used artistic licence with the lake – this no longer exists, the land having been drained long ago but which, in the past, formed the Isle of Avalon.


About elven stardancer

Retired social and youth worker; colour-therapist and life-coach, artist, writer, environmentalist, grandmother and wildlife/sensory gardener; loves reading science fiction, fantasy, and poetry; film; music; meditating; and wearing colourful, flowing clothes.

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