Doctor Who week


Oh I am in bliss! We are in the countdown to next Saturday and I am enjoying the excess of programmes on TV celebrating …

50 Years of Doctor Who!

All my other interests will go to the wall this week as I watch the many offerings on the BBC and WATCH TV channels. I am already immersed in the music as I play my collection of soundtracks from the various ‘new age’ series and specials from the 9th to the 11th doctors. My all-time favourite tracks are the theme tune to the Pandorica, River Song’s theme (I so want to be her), Vale Decem from the 10th doctor’s regeneration, and the theme for Gallifrey. This will mean absolutely nothing to anyone not interested in DW but so what, it’s my blog and I’ll write about whatever I want – you’ll just have to humour me – it will only be for a week till the 50th special programme on Saturday 23rd November 2013.

389 my Gallifrey tattoo (on back of lower left arm and linking to my Stardancer tattoo – see earlier post); an interesting fact is that the tattoo is an ambigram – it reads the same both ways up and front to back.

People ask me who is my favourite Who? It’s a really hard question that as they all have their strengths. I suppose in the old series from my childhood to my children’s childhood (gosh a whole generation’s span, in itself) my favourites have to be Peter Davison (the 5th doctor) and Tom Baker (the 4th).

Don’t ask me about companions though – I can’t remember who went with Who except for Sarah Jane. I’m not that much of a DW geek – I can’t tell you who played what in which episode and how many weeks was each storyline etc etc. I just like the bigger picture – the adventure, the wonder, the science, the monsters, the magic, and I’ve watched every episode, at least once – more in recent years due to DVDs and record-plus etc.

If you’d asked me who my favourite modern Doctor was a couple of years ago then I’d have said categorically David Tennant’s ‘icon of cool’ 10th Doctor, but I’m not so sure now. I love Matt Smith’s wacky mad 11th Doctor who is so lonely and sad inside; just as I was wowed by Christopher Ecclestone’s northern leather-clad 9th Doctor. Let’s face it – I just like the Doctor – the idea of the Doctor – our own private protector of the Earth – more vulnerable, more human yet oh-so-alien superhero who never fights, and more approachable than the Marvel superheroes. Who wouldn’t, given the chance, step right into that beautiful blue box if they heard that familiar whooshing as it landed in their garden one night (I’m still wishing and hoping and waiting).

10th doctor   two fab pix my Grandson photo-shopped for me  doctor opie

Going back to the science of Doctor Who – wasn’t Proff Cox’s programme last Thursday excellent? Oh not the science – he didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know from watching Wonders of the Solar System etc. But the interplays between the Proff and the Doctor in the Tardis scenarios were priceless. Wouldn’t Brian make a fab companion? Just imagine the pair of them off exploring the wonders of the universe for real. Whoever came up with the idea (and I suspect it was Proff Cox who wrote and produced the programme, I think I read it somewhere) was sheer genius.

I am so looking forward to a weekend of monsters, then discussions and readings on the radio, a play about how Who came into being, showings of ‘old’ episodes, all culminating in the big 50th programme on Saturday. What will I be doing? I know many people are planning Who parties but for me it’s just – my sofa, some chocolate, my TV, the Doctor (well three of them actually) and me!

Right – the series 6 CD has finished – which soundtrack shall I listen to next … erm … yes, I know – The Christmas Carol special, the one with Kathryn Jenkins singing (wasn’t that an enchanted episode – fog swimming fish!) – double wonderful.


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