The Day of the Doctor


What a brilliant day the 23rd November 2013 was.             dw50th final

During the day I baked some cupcakes in Doctor Who printed bun cases because you can’t go out to tea and not take a contribution. I made rose flavoured ones with a rose and a dalek on top of pink marscapone cream– symbolising Rose taming the Dalek (9th doctor) and blue, violet flavoured ones with a Tardis on top. I also wore my 50th anniversary official hallmarked silver Tardis and sonic screwdriver charms on a chain around my neck (Tardis) and on an earring (screwdriver).

021           004            022

My very glittery buns plus me with my Gallifrey tattoo, my sonic earring (you can just see it) and my Tardis necklace (in the V of my sweartshirt). Sorry for quality – its hard to take pix of self when you’re on your own.

I’d had fun all week watching the various programmes from re-runs, to analysis of the various Doctor’s regenerations, to the science and the drama of how DW came into being. Interesting watching the very first episode: I remember it, at age 12, as being grippingly exciting. 50 years on and I was fast-forwarding parts it was so slow – how TV and technology changes. Interesting also, to see no sonic screwdriver – I can no longer remember when this became part of the mythology of the show. An excuse to borrow some of the back episode DVDs off my son and watch them to find out.

At 6pm I took he cupcakes to my son’s house ready to watch the evening’s events with my grandchildren – they were buzzing with excitement, and wanted to fast-forward time! We had pizza, and then watched the Paul McGann (8) prequel before the episode itself; after that the party on BBC 2 (shame about the notable companion omissions – Rory, Amy, Martha, Donna; and the ridiculous, and useless live-link to 1-Direction) ; and then … we watched … the 5th (Peter Davison), 6th (Colin Baker) and 7th (Sylvester McCoy) doctors ‘unofficial’ film, on red button, of how they tried to get into the 50th birthday episode. It was so funny and also included Tom Baker (4), Paul McGann, David Tennant (10), his pregnant wife (Peter Ds daughter), Russell T Davis, various filming techs and … Peter Jackson from the Hobbit set! How cool! It was brilliant and all produced by Mrs Tennant! My lucky son can record off his red button but I can’t on Sky (why not?) They should have shown this very funny film on mainstream TV – it was as good as the big event, though in a very different way.

I thought the episode itself was stunning – the best ever, and I can’t wait to see it again, tonight – on my own, in peace and quiet! They’ve done some interesting stuff with the mythology, taking away the darkness that has pervaded the doctor since 2005. Time can be rewritten. Perhaps Capaldi’s doctor will be more humourous, less troubled – pity as I liked the inner darkness – we all want someone to save even when they are busy saving us. I’m not sure that someone’s comment at the party is correct though – that they have opened the way to more than 13 regenerations – maybe I missed that – will look tonight. Or maybe they just meant that ‘time can be rewritten’ – we know that anyway, and SF can do anything within reason. Looks like Christmas is all about Trenzalore and the Silence, and next season is about a search for Gallifrey. Good stuff providing PC lives up to expectations because I’m going to miss Matt – he was the most brilliant star in a brilliant Galaxy last night (I never thought I’d ever say that my favourites being the 5th and 10th doctors)! Just goes to show time really can be rewritten).

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