Soul Beacon


Written to express my loneliness – sending out a beacon of love …

Soul Beacon

Dark sky a starry, starry quilt

A light across the heavens spilt

My soul a beacon in the night

To guide you home, the web pulls tight


Wild sea an angry raging wrath

But moonlight paints a silver path

My loving net, to point the way,

And catch your soul adrift in spray


Storm whipped winds spin through the sky

Tossing clouds and spells awry

Deliver safe my heartfelt plea

A lodestone for the lost, to be


Bright rainbow forms a bridge of sighs

A link to you across the skies

The wavelengths of my soul I send

Searching, flowing wide they wend


The ancient rocks with strength embedded

Tremble with the tears I shed

As I await a sign that speaks

Of the missing, found – that my heart seeks


Old trees a conduit of my dreams

Their whispers, through the ages, stream

To fill your heart, your love awaken

A message sent, its meaning taken


Your heart sits softly in my hand

Its beat drums out cross sea or land                                       

Of steadfast love its pulses rhyme

Pounding down through space and time


Flaming star betwixt the clouds

The sign awaited, banish doubt

Allowing hope to rise and bloom

To burn away such aching gloom


Cold snow a drifting, dancing mist

By snowflakes soft, my face is kissed

In lieu of you; then swirling round

They paint your face on frozen ground


Dawn’s sun a globe of molten gold

 Its rays reach out my heart to hold

And melt the ice where footsteps sound

By soul light’s beacon, heart-home found


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