Stained Glass


I love stained glass – the clarity of it, the sparkle of light filtering through the colours and shapes and textures. Each window or mirror is a piece of magic captured in melted sand – a miracle of art and technology combined.

I have designed two stained glass windows over the years – one is in the front door at my ex husband’s house – my house, when we were married. The other is in the front door of Dr Horace Dobbs, the dolphin expert who has written several books about the healing powers of dolphins. Sadly I have lost my photo of that window – though it is illustrated in one of his books.

Here is the Art Deco inspired window in my ex’s 1930s home. I loved the colours – purples and autumn colours – they were (are still I expect) so warm and welcoming.

stained glass at 126

I also have several mirrors in my home that utilise stained glass as frames. These were made by John Leathwood, a very skilled and creative stained glass artist who has done windows in famous buildings such as Burton Agnes Hall, nr Bridlington. Sadly he is no longer with us but his mirrors remain a lasting and very beautiful memorial to him. I used one of these mirrors as the frame for a piece of Journal Art

053 044 054052

A few examples of John’s work in my possession. Sadly in the process of being photographed by me on my not very powerful camera, the colours have not turned out as brilliant as they are in reality. The first – in brilliant Mediterranean blues and aqua, with purple, white and green highlights is in my bathroom. The round mirror is a face  of a woman – I like to think of her as the Goddess. She needs relocating where she will capture more light but I haven’t yet identified a place. The autumn leaf/seed pod is in my conservatory, and the final one, in white and silver with hints of green is in my hallway. The latter was commissioned by me and illustrates the scene outside of Moria (JRR Tolkien; Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) – the hidden gateway that can only be seen in moonlight. It is incredibly evocative to me, and feels magical – as all mirrors are-  being portals. The latter is also the one I used in my journal art.


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