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The Cosmic Song and Dance


Tying in with the main article on Circles within Circles here is a piece of prose and a poem on the subject of the great cosmic dance both written by yours truly:

moons & stars

Music, music all around

Can you hear it: The Music? It’s all around you if you only have ears to hear. Go on open them; take a deep breath, close your eyes and just listen for once, really, really concentrate on the sounds of life, the universe, everything around you: the music of the spheres, the rhapsody of creation.

I’ve always been able to hear it – the ohm, the notes that flow through the spaces in between the stars. A noise quite unlike any other, made up of the sum of all other sounds: the crackle of space energy, remnants from the biggest sound of all – the Big Bang, the first of all sounds … Star Music. If I tune in I can hear the song of the ocean even without a seashell held to my ear. When I still my consciousness I feel the vibrations of rocks and stones, and hear the quiet susurrations made by grass growing, petals and leaves unfurling. In my heart I feel the deep moans of  huge trees straining under the weight of decades, centuries even, of earthly knowledge, and the sounds of great whales serenading the planet and calling to their cousins, the Angels, above and beyond. Can you? The whole universe is singing for your benefit, for our benefit; a daily opera more real than any TV Soap or Covent Garden performance.

Science Fiction writers talk about the silence of space. No! No! Nooo!  Space isn’t silent, Life isn’t silent – it’s shouting, screaming out to be heard; a glorious choral cacophony of rejoicing and thankfulness, purely because it exists – and you can listen in any time you want; no subscriptions, satellites or aerials needed.  All you need to do is take time, be still, listen, reach out with your consciousness, and you’ll hear it whispering … singing … shouting … at you.

So now you know! As you go about your daily life keep your ears wide open. Listen out for those amazing acappellas of ordinariness: the percussion beats of rain as you take shelter in the park, the cracking of ice thawing on the surface of winter puddles and the metronomic drip drip drip of icicles melting, the pizzicato nonsense of garden birds heralding the silvery dawning light of morning, the symphonic scratchings and rustlings of tiny bugs and worms working the earth, the giant guitar strums of wild winter wind in wires, and the full orchestral power of storms and oceans punctuated by the slow sad booming heartbeat of our precious put-upon earth. Listen to the:

flapping, tapping, trickling, tooting, hooting, hissing, clicking, clattering, clashing, crackling, hushing, rushing, whistling, wailing, whining

wonder of this noisy world of ours. Revel in the healingful purrings of our furry feline friends, rejoice as they join their brother wolves and howl at the moon, and join in if you dare. Then laugh along with the cheerfulness of canine  barks and equine whinnies,  and the friendly chortlings and snuffles of guinea pigs and rabbits, the croak of frogs. Cry with the sheer splendour of recorded compositions on vinyl, CD or I player or sung in Sunday Gospel choirs and Monday morning school assemblies and Friday night drink washed bars. Every minute the digital memories of words, thousands upon thousands of conversations (happy, sad, indifferent, or just plain cruel) pass through the telephone wires. Can you hear them calling to you? Do you heed the crackling of electricity in the pylons, or the humming of data in the ether, busy travelling the worldwide web, and urging you to wake up and join in the great concerto of life?

Above all, can you feel, deep in your soul, the harmonic human variations on a life theme:

babies crying, lovers murmuring, people chuntering, chuckling, chanting, chattering, moaning, groaning, panting, praying, whispering,

weeping, shouting, shushing, snorting …. and yes, singing … singing everywhere.

There’s a billion, billion galaxies out there, each full of life; moons and planets all spinning like tops; moons orbitting planets; planets orbitting suns; suns revolving around galaxies; swirling galaxies circling endlessly around each other. All that energy generated: pouring though the Cosmic Radio; everything, everyone, singing together in universal connectedness and concord. Beyond that, in perpetual and holy synchrony with the physical universe, the sound of Angels: the beat of mighty wings, the ecstasy of heavenly voices; Celestial conductors keeping our Universal Choir singing in unison. No-one is alone, nothing lonely – because we’re all making Star Music together. So listen won’t you! You’ve been told. Music is all around you … just listen … and then Sing.

  night sky northern hemisphere

The Cosmic Dance

Starlight tells a strange, strange story

Of time’s fiery beginning

When all was gas and elements

Around nothing, slowely spinning


So far it travels, the tale it tells

Is of a universe without form

A swirling tide for eons long

A roiling, boiling thing of storms


Still speeding on through space, it speaks

Of a thousand suns so bright

That whirl, and waltz, their fire throughout

A million long galactic nights


Then not so long in cosmic terms

The suns spawn rings of worlds

That in their circling, spinning turn

Into that dance are hurled


Upon a world, a molten place

Comes lightening, then, and cooling rain

Electrons form, like spinning beads

To start their own entwining chains


An intricate dance of twirling pairs

That spiral round and multiply

A pattern for the greatest dance

Of all, allowing life to leap and fly


First light, that through the void has spun,

To us, brings tales of awe and chance

Voyaging on, through space it comes

To take our hands, and lead us in the cosmic dance

night sky southern hemisphere



Silver Wolf


More on wolves: a poem written today and inspired by my love of fantasy, mythology and my spirit wolf – who is not a shape-shifter, to my knowledge – nevertheless … ?!? (fantasy wolf art from pinart collections – thank you people for providing me with a source of lovely illustrations)

silver wolf

Silver Wolf

Within the enchanted land of legend

I follow my inner dreams throughout the night

Roaming the magical landscapes of my soul

Walking side by side with my wolf of light


Deep inside the forest, ‘neath the trembling leaves

The Earth’s strong bones are pounding by our feet

As we dance betwix the moss-streaked stones

And weave my fantasies, like willow, to the beat


As wolf and I howl down the moon

And sip mistletoe wine, on knotted apple grown

We awaken a sleepy dragon, shadow and fire

From its lonely wyre in olden myth and poem


Wolf’s strong arms entwine my waist

Holding tight, as skin on skin, we kiss and flee

Shape-shifted in this mysterious land

Of elemental force, he captures me


Flying swift on ancient dragon scales,

We howl our joy at Luna’s face above

Then lean into each other’s arms

To whisper sweet incantations of love


Our loving touch in rhythms match

The creature’s fiery wings, ablaze with hot desire

And together leave a trail of darkling stars

As we paint the midnight sky with streaks of ember fire


Faster than starlight the dragon bears us

Above outlandish realms, with ivory towers high

‘Cross forests dark and moorlands streaked with blood

Hastening to reach his shining castle in the sky

 whirlpool galaxy

Where we will stay awhile, safe within its walls

Rune-scribed, and draped in silk and lace

And there we’ll drown in star-filled eyes

Before we lay, and lose ourselves in loves embrace


Painting my skin with silent strokes

He draws me close and breaks my heart

With fervent kisses, becoming deeply one

Until I never want to be apart


His touch inflames and clouds my sense

As if the real world loudly, is not calling –

Drawing me, betraying all I want and need

As time flows on; my dreams are stalling


With reluctant will and fierce longing, we leave his realm

And hand in hand with burning tears, begin

To unweave the magic stones, and steal

A last sweet kiss, before my wolf is fur not skin


Then sunlight dawns, treacherous rays of frozen fire

That tint my dream-world bliss with golden light

Yet fill my heart with icy slivers, as for one whole day

I bid my silver wolf goodbye … until tonight

den mother






The Void


The Still & Silent Void

Devoid, empty, vacuum

Negative concepts

Expressing existence, time, thought, Without


Not so …


Space binds matter, links galaxies

What is Not

Is a vessel to be filled with opportunity, potential transformation


Just like …


A cocoon, cauldron, black hole

Metamorphic pools of Nought

Bending light and matter so life and death merge

Evolutionary point-blank where boundaries confuse

And patterns ebb and change

Places where the product of Zero becomes infinity


And so …


Imagine the Void within

Paradoxical points of swirling stillness


Crushing crystal lattices of existence with such Non-weight

Re-building life in stronger, brighter rhythms

From the spaces between the atoms of the soul

Like an apple-tree is born from an empty star.

Soul Beacon


Written to express my loneliness – sending out a beacon of love …

Soul Beacon

Dark sky a starry, starry quilt

A light across the heavens spilt

My soul a beacon in the night

To guide you home, the web pulls tight


Wild sea an angry raging wrath

But moonlight paints a silver path

My loving net, to point the way,

And catch your soul adrift in spray


Storm whipped winds spin through the sky

Tossing clouds and spells awry

Deliver safe my heartfelt plea

A lodestone for the lost, to be


Bright rainbow forms a bridge of sighs

A link to you across the skies

The wavelengths of my soul I send

Searching, flowing wide they wend


The ancient rocks with strength embedded

Tremble with the tears I shed

As I await a sign that speaks

Of the missing, found – that my heart seeks


Old trees a conduit of my dreams

Their whispers, through the ages, stream

To fill your heart, your love awaken

A message sent, its meaning taken


Your heart sits softly in my hand

Its beat drums out cross sea or land                                       

Of steadfast love its pulses rhyme

Pounding down through space and time


Flaming star betwixt the clouds

The sign awaited, banish doubt

Allowing hope to rise and bloom

To burn away such aching gloom


Cold snow a drifting, dancing mist

By snowflakes soft, my face is kissed

In lieu of you; then swirling round

They paint your face on frozen ground


Dawn’s sun a globe of molten gold

 Its rays reach out my heart to hold

And melt the ice where footsteps sound

By soul light’s beacon, heart-home found

Colours of Purple


Purple, violet, mauve, lavender … these different hues of a single wavelength of colour define my life, and have done since I was a child of 5 choosing a piece of violet silk for my Gran to make a dolls dress from, for me. You only have to look at my interior décor, my garden, my clothes, my business website (Lavender Fields Therapies) and business cards to understand this. It is a spiritual colour – the colour of transformation and inspiration: and also within that definition lies my salvation – hope.

Memories of Violet

A whirling galaxy,

Nebulous gas particle clouds,

Dancing their indecipherable ballet around

An empty, careless, spinning universe

dreaming of purple space


A late evening sky,

With silver lights pinpricking

The transparent liquidity of

The vast heavenly arc.


Soaring mountains reduced to shadows

Shift, and etch a crazy pattern

Of crags, rocky outcrops and forest edges

As earth slowely waltzes into the morning light.


The great Blue Whale, effortlessly

Leaps and arches into the light.

Then eases its great bulk

Between the waves of a purple washed ocean.


His leviathan tail rises up to salute the setting sun,

Which flings its last, defiant rays

Flaming, around the bowed horizon,

Painting two mighty elements, with amethyst hue.


A shining drapiness of fine silk

Moulds to the youthful curves

Of a teenage girl body

On the night of her initiation into adulthood


Sublime aromas of herbs

Fill the summer air, mingling with subtle

Scents of flowers that tumble riotously

In every shade of seventh heaven.

scan0006        096


Blackcurrant jam sandwiches

Drip their tart purpleness

Down her child’s sticky chin,

Whilst she sips lavender lemonade


And that same lavender loveliness

Anoints crisp white sheets,

Blessing her disappearing dreams

Of dancing amidst those spinning constellations


Old woman, her time here softly waning

Paints her life in all its violet shades and hues:

The colour of her memories

The colour of her true loves eyes.