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Stories from my Soul


As with my poetry, I was considered -“not very good ” by school teachers when it came to my writing. Many decades on I have one story published, many in reserve, and a children’s novel being written – half finished as we speak (not to mention my published poetry – see Mythumbrian Dreams). I do remember getting excellent marks for one – yes one – story only – this was about my favourite season. I wrote about Autumn with its colours and smells and sounds, its celebrations – Hull Fair, Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night – and its bridge between warmth and cold, light and dark, summer and winter. Sensory description is becoming a bit of a hallmark in my writing. Those who read it remark on the descriptive paragraphs and how evocative they are. I’m very aware, however, that description is not infra dig in the writing world – but to hell with that. I will write what’s in my heart and soul.

Another regular theme of my writing is magic – not the all out fantasy magic of new or other worlds – but I do like adding a bit of magical word-dust to everyday stories – a twist or unexpected ending, wishes fulfilled or strange but always positive occurances, dreams coming true or alive. The kind of silly but feel-good kind of thing that makes our lives that little bit more bearable.

My children’s novel is a fantasy involving a young girl whose grandmother is dying. In order to help Hannah come to terms with this, her guardian angel arrives to take her on adventures. Here she learns about life cycles, the connectedness of all things. She slowly learns to accept her grandmother’s death and celebrate her life. The novel also integrates science with magic, environmental issues with gentle non-specific spirituality. It is positive and inspiring, aimed at helping children deal with death in a society that barely acknowledges it, except to thrill through gory crime and adventure drama.

Watch this space for regular short stories and updates on The Novel.