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The Day of the Doctor


What a brilliant day the 23rd November 2013 was.             dw50th final

During the day I baked some cupcakes in Doctor Who printed bun cases because you can’t go out to tea and not take a contribution. I made rose flavoured ones with a rose and a dalek on top of pink marscapone cream– symbolising Rose taming the Dalek (9th doctor) and blue, violet flavoured ones with a Tardis on top. I also wore my 50th anniversary official hallmarked silver Tardis and sonic screwdriver charms on a chain around my neck (Tardis) and on an earring (screwdriver).

021           004            022

My very glittery buns plus me with my Gallifrey tattoo, my sonic earring (you can just see it) and my Tardis necklace (in the V of my sweartshirt). Sorry for quality – its hard to take pix of self when you’re on your own.

I’d had fun all week watching the various programmes from re-runs, to analysis of the various Doctor’s regenerations, to the science and the drama of how DW came into being. Interesting watching the very first episode: I remember it, at age 12, as being grippingly exciting. 50 years on and I was fast-forwarding parts it was so slow – how TV and technology changes. Interesting also, to see no sonic screwdriver – I can no longer remember when this became part of the mythology of the show. An excuse to borrow some of the back episode DVDs off my son and watch them to find out.

At 6pm I took he cupcakes to my son’s house ready to watch the evening’s events with my grandchildren – they were buzzing with excitement, and wanted to fast-forward time! We had pizza, and then watched the Paul McGann (8) prequel before the episode itself; after that the party on BBC 2 (shame about the notable companion omissions – Rory, Amy, Martha, Donna; and the ridiculous, and useless live-link to 1-Direction) ; and then … we watched … the 5th (Peter Davison), 6th (Colin Baker) and 7th (Sylvester McCoy) doctors ‘unofficial’ film, on red button, of how they tried to get into the 50th birthday episode. It was so funny and also included Tom Baker (4), Paul McGann, David Tennant (10), his pregnant wife (Peter Ds daughter), Russell T Davis, various filming techs and … Peter Jackson from the Hobbit set! How cool! It was brilliant and all produced by Mrs Tennant! My lucky son can record off his red button but I can’t on Sky (why not?) They should have shown this very funny film on mainstream TV – it was as good as the big event, though in a very different way.

I thought the episode itself was stunning – the best ever, and I can’t wait to see it again, tonight – on my own, in peace and quiet! They’ve done some interesting stuff with the mythology, taking away the darkness that has pervaded the doctor since 2005. Time can be rewritten. Perhaps Capaldi’s doctor will be more humourous, less troubled – pity as I liked the inner darkness – we all want someone to save even when they are busy saving us. I’m not sure that someone’s comment at the party is correct though – that they have opened the way to more than 13 regenerations – maybe I missed that – will look tonight. Or maybe they just meant that ‘time can be rewritten’ – we know that anyway, and SF can do anything within reason. Looks like Christmas is all about Trenzalore and the Silence, and next season is about a search for Gallifrey. Good stuff providing PC lives up to expectations because I’m going to miss Matt – he was the most brilliant star in a brilliant Galaxy last night (I never thought I’d ever say that my favourites being the 5th and 10th doctors)! Just goes to show time really can be rewritten).

Doctor Who week


Oh I am in bliss! We are in the countdown to next Saturday and I am enjoying the excess of programmes on TV celebrating …

50 Years of Doctor Who!

All my other interests will go to the wall this week as I watch the many offerings on the BBC and WATCH TV channels. I am already immersed in the music as I play my collection of soundtracks from the various ‘new age’ series and specials from the 9th to the 11th doctors. My all-time favourite tracks are the theme tune to the Pandorica, River Song’s theme (I so want to be her), Vale Decem from the 10th doctor’s regeneration, and the theme for Gallifrey. This will mean absolutely nothing to anyone not interested in DW but so what, it’s my blog and I’ll write about whatever I want – you’ll just have to humour me – it will only be for a week till the 50th special programme on Saturday 23rd November 2013.

389 my Gallifrey tattoo (on back of lower left arm and linking to my Stardancer tattoo – see earlier post); an interesting fact is that the tattoo is an ambigram – it reads the same both ways up and front to back.

People ask me who is my favourite Who? It’s a really hard question that as they all have their strengths. I suppose in the old series from my childhood to my children’s childhood (gosh a whole generation’s span, in itself) my favourites have to be Peter Davison (the 5th doctor) and Tom Baker (the 4th).

Don’t ask me about companions though – I can’t remember who went with Who except for Sarah Jane. I’m not that much of a DW geek – I can’t tell you who played what in which episode and how many weeks was each storyline etc etc. I just like the bigger picture – the adventure, the wonder, the science, the monsters, the magic, and I’ve watched every episode, at least once – more in recent years due to DVDs and record-plus etc.

If you’d asked me who my favourite modern Doctor was a couple of years ago then I’d have said categorically David Tennant’s ‘icon of cool’ 10th Doctor, but I’m not so sure now. I love Matt Smith’s wacky mad 11th Doctor who is so lonely and sad inside; just as I was wowed by Christopher Ecclestone’s northern leather-clad 9th Doctor. Let’s face it – I just like the Doctor – the idea of the Doctor – our own private protector of the Earth – more vulnerable, more human yet oh-so-alien superhero who never fights, and more approachable than the Marvel superheroes. Who wouldn’t, given the chance, step right into that beautiful blue box if they heard that familiar whooshing as it landed in their garden one night (I’m still wishing and hoping and waiting).

10th doctor   two fab pix my Grandson photo-shopped for me  doctor opie

Going back to the science of Doctor Who – wasn’t Proff Cox’s programme last Thursday excellent? Oh not the science – he didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know from watching Wonders of the Solar System etc. But the interplays between the Proff and the Doctor in the Tardis scenarios were priceless. Wouldn’t Brian make a fab companion? Just imagine the pair of them off exploring the wonders of the universe for real. Whoever came up with the idea (and I suspect it was Proff Cox who wrote and produced the programme, I think I read it somewhere) was sheer genius.

I am so looking forward to a weekend of monsters, then discussions and readings on the radio, a play about how Who came into being, showings of ‘old’ episodes, all culminating in the big 50th programme on Saturday. What will I be doing? I know many people are planning Who parties but for me it’s just – my sofa, some chocolate, my TV, the Doctor (well three of them actually) and me!

Right – the series 6 CD has finished – which soundtrack shall I listen to next … erm … yes, I know – The Christmas Carol special, the one with Kathryn Jenkins singing (wasn’t that an enchanted episode – fog swimming fish!) – double wonderful.

Painted Nails, and all that Glitters isn’t Gold!


Once upon a time I would never have described myself as a lover of Bling. Well I’m still not, not in the accepted sense of wearing lots of cheap glittery jewellery and tiny sparkly tops, anyway. But I do like a few sparkles: the odd one of my home-made bracelets, (that I wear in multiple bands on each wrist – a kind of signature feature which I make in many colours to match my ‘colour style’ of ‘summer’ plus some neutral ones in Autumn colours and, of course, black) made of Swarovski crystal beads, sparkly eye make-up courtesy of Barry M and, especially, sparkly nails. It often bemuses even me that I feel able to paint my nails so brightly, whilst the rest of me is still struggling to rise, phoenix-like out of the ashes of expectation, and blossom into the dramatic and creative persona hiding inside.

But thinking back over the years there has always been one particular aspect of my dress/style that I let stand out – to speak out for my inner extrovert – ha ha! In the 70s and 80s it was large drippy earrings. In the 90s it was drapy scarves. Since the 2000s it’s been my bracelets. Now – it’s gorgeous, brilliant, rainbow coloured nails (oh yes … and tattoos, I forget). (I don’t remember much about the 60s – we were too busy breaking down all conventions from miniskirts and hairstyles to music and the sexual revolution).

388 the Stardancer tattoo – my first and most loved – situated on inside of my left wrist

It seems that, ‘that hidden me’ has to peep out of the cracks somewhere; and those single decade-specific items are slowly adding up increasingly to more of the inner me being exposed – minus the drippy earrings. They died a death when the sheer weight of them left rather large jagged holes in my ears that will now only take a complete hoop earring, otherwise they just fall out. It doesn’t stop me hanging charms from one of them though – latterly a tiny goddess figure with a moonstone belly, now – wait for it (mad Stardancing Grandmother rises again) a tiny silver sonic screwdriver. Well, what else would a lifelong Doctor Who fan wear in this, the programmes 50th year? Anyway, it matches the silver Tardis on a chain around my neck, and the Gallifrey and Stardancer tattoos. Torn ears didn’t stop me getting second piercings either, that now have rainbow-coloured sparkly stars in them, and occasionally, a long drippy earring as well (yes two in the same hole)to counterbalance the charms dangling from the opposite silver hoop. Told you – mad grandmother rises again!

Going back to my bracelets; making my own from coloured glass beads and silver charms means that when I’m fed up with them I can un-make them and transform them into something else. Or when I have a new outfit I can make something that exactly matches the style or colour, and then re-use when that outfit has been discarded. Making them is also incredibly relaxing. I sort of go into a meditational state and time passes without noticing it. So double benefits.

Later: I attended my eldest daughter’s and son-in-law’s joint 40th party recently, wearing a fab new Italian vintage looking dress in anthracite and amethyst silk and lace, with sparkly violet nails and my hair curled into ringlets (that lasted all of 5 minutes due to the fact that it was raining – of course it was!) What struck me most at the party were two things – firstly the lack of colour with almost all the women being in some version of the ‘little black dress’ although, thankfully, my children have learnt from their mother who taught them about wearing colour when they were children insisting on them wearing colour-coordinated Clothkits (anyone out there remember them). The second thing, oh dear, was that all of the guests (other than my grandchildren) were middle aged. Er this was so wrong, wasn’t it – it looked and felt more like a party for my generation till I realised that I was part of the older generation, not the middle-aged one! Bump and down to earth I came. My generation was represented by myself, my son-in-law’s mum and dad, and a soon to retire colleague of my daughter’s … just four of us. Still I had fun catching up with some of my daughter’s friends that I knew from the 80’s when I ran the local youth club. Apparently I haven’t changed. That’s funny because they have … they look older!