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Henna Roses and the Starry Fairy


Yesterday, despite a great deal of pain in my back, making standing let alone walking difficult, I was spontaneous – a real challenge for me at the moment – and went along to a nearby community centre to see a demonstration of henna painting by a lovely lady – Laila Hamasilah.

I arrived quite near the end of the session so was at the end of the list for having a motif painted on my hand so Laila only had time for a small one. I asked for roses as I love these beautiful scented flowers – my garden is full of them and rose oil/perfume is my favourite.

This is what she did. The picture with me standing is with the henna paste applied. The picture of my hand is today, with the paste flaked off and the design beginning to darken with exposure to daylight. I think they are fabulous and have booked her to demonstrate her skills at my happiness Group.

me and henna design


Today, cashing in on my spontaneous mood, I decided to make a fairy doll for my Yuletide tree. I dress my tree with lots of foliage, red lights and then hide my collection of realistic and fantasy fairies in the foliage and around my tree. My supply of collector fairies has dried up so, with the success of todays creativity, I have decided to make a fairy doll each year to add to my collection. I haven’t yet finished this one as I cannot find something suitable for her hair. If all else fails I will use some silver fluffy wool. When making peg dolls in my childhood we always used wool so I would, at least, be sticking with tradition.

I thoroughly enjoyed the activity even though I had only a vague plan and made most of it up as I went along. I still have some tiny silver stars to add to her hair, when I have found something suitable, and I think she should be holding something – but not sure what yet – maybe I’ll spray an acorn silver or a big silver star sequin or something.


So – two days of spontaneous creativity – on a grey and rainy weekend – lovely! I feel blessed, and will now practice my meditation using some lovely Arabian meditation oils that arrived in the post yesterday.