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The Green Man of the Wildwood


Another poem based on my dreams and love of mythology: enjoy the thrill of the dark:

J 15 Wildwood She stepped through the looking glass and into the Wildwood

The Green Man of the Wild Wood

With heart torn and screaming

You flee to the woods

To escape from the nightmares

That freeze female blood


But trees appear friendly

When met in the day

At night senses fool you

And lead you astray


A shimmer of nothing

In the corner of sight

A flicker of movement

In leaves by starlight


The glimpse of a shadow

Across the path’s track

A shiver of coolness

Hairs raised on the back


The clunk of an antler

Against the tree bark

The crunch of sharp hooves

Drawing near in the dark


The feel of strong arms

Around shoulders held still

A shiver, a tremble

A bright tear you spill


A whisper of warm breath

On cheek, calms the heart

Now pierced to the core

With a hunter’s sharp dart


The touch of rough hands

Across skin soft and fair

A kiss, a caress

And you drown in his stare


Beware Hern the Hunter

Cernunnus to some,

To Woman lost and yearning

With wild love he’ll come


He’ll woo you with sweet words

By moonbeam made true

And bind you with promises

Come morning you’ll rue


Don’t step in the forest

Without thought or guide

The Green Man will find you

There’s nowhere to hide