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Creative Writing Workshops


   Writing Circle

I am now running a writing circle, which meets on Monday mornings, 10.30am, venue given by request (Hull/East Riding of Yorks area) for contact details see Lavender Fields website. A small group of amateur writers are meeting to share each others work, offer support and critique, share publishing or information, and, of course, to share good company, good conversation, a love of words and great coffee (and cake!). We are already improving our writing and getting new ideas by helping each other – some having obtained publication as a result.

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Come along and join us and:

  • Write to improve your life & wellbeing
  • Learn techniques for tapping into your creativity
  • Turn issues into inspiration, problems into poetry
  • Write away your stress
  • Write your own personal history or herstory
  • Write that novel they say is in all of us

Expert guidence is combined with group critique and support in comfortable and sociable surroundings (good coffee and cake an essential part). Occasional writing workshops are planned for the future including journal writing, short stories, poetry, and … combining poetry and

journal art.                                                                  for blog

Personal development workshops – or as I call them – Goddess workshops – are also in the pipeline. These will be categorically fun, spiritual, and empowering; they will be themed, using art, stories, mythology, archetypes, and personal experiences. Themes may include archetypes such as dragons, the triple Goddess, seasons, unicorns, the Green Man, flowers, faeries and much more. Some of these workshops may be online in due course. Watch this space.






j 9 Stardancer    Using the first verse of my poem called Stardancer I created this image. It has been my lifelong desire to see earth from space. Impossible now, I guess. I don’t think they’d let a grandmother, no matter how radical, go into space, and the Doctor in his Tardis isn’t going to come by any too soon, no matter how much I imagine differently.

Many years ago I read an SF book by Spider Robinson called Stardance, and loved the idea of dancing in free fall, with only the stars for company.  The name and concept became the symbol of creativity and freedom for me, hence my web name and the recurring theme – poems, art, tattoo etc.


Riding on the wings of night

Dream child, Star dancer.

Weaving a tapestry of light

Midnight enchanter.

Sailing the space between the stars

Cosmic lover, stellar born.

Playing games with friendly pulsars

Chasing sun-dragons at dawn.

Painting prayers in space and time

Star-kissed, spellbound.

Sliding round on rainbow rhymes

Sculpting astral ambient sound.

Exploring electrons in the void

Star-witch, time tamer.

Skipping quantum orbits loud

The future folds to frame her.

Floating free on fractal tides

Soul-seeker, heart breaker.

Through life’s spirals gently glide

To be her own … dream-maker.

Another couple of pages from my Journal representing freedom. Eagles too are a recurring theme in my artwork, along with wolves – my shamanic spirit companions.

J 6 my blue-black eagle                                  J 15 Wildwood