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A Manifesto for a New Global Consciousness


I was revisiting Gill Edwards book – Pure Bliss today and discovered her list of aspirations that she hoped (sadly she has moved on from our dimension now) will help make the world a better place. I personally have signed up to it, indeed I have been living it, or aspiring to anyway – I make no claim to perfection –  for many years now. Wouldn’t it be lovely if everyone followed these simple but beautiful guidelines for living holistically upon the earth and with everyone and everything upon it?

J 16 Sea Song

  1. Healing the split between matter and spirit; bringing the sacred into everyday life; reclaiming the mystical side of religion.
  2. Reclaiming our ‘feminine’ energy as individuals: eg helping people develop their intuition and psychic skills, or to move beyond co-dependency, martyr-hood, fear and struggle, or to see the ‘bigger picture’.
  3. Breaking down the walls of separation and judgement eg tackling racism, ageism, homophobia, nationalism, religious fundamentalism.
  4. Working on women’s issues eg women’s rights, redefining femininity.
  5. Working on behalf of children eg preventing child abuse and exploitation, supporting children’s self-esteem and inner wisdom, campaigning for children’s rights.
  6. Honouring emotions and the ‘inner child’ eg as a therapist or teacher
  7. Honouring the physical body eg health reform, re-spiritualising sexuality.
  8. Bringing Spirit back into business, town planning, architecture, law, education and other social systems
  9. Reclaiming the holistic world view – seeing wholes/systems rather than parts eg as an economist, ecologist, holistic health practitioner, therapist
  10. Working with imagination and creativity – including it within all activities and learning
  11. Supporting cooperation rather than competition, eg divorce mediation, international diplomacy, working cooperatively with angel’s and guides
  12. Honouring the Earth and the natural world, eg ecological activism, shamanic wisdom, working with nature spirits, working with animals, plants, minerals and crystals in respectful ways, organising pilgrimages to sacred places

Thank you Gill Edwards, for your inspiring words X