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Creative Writing Workshops


   Writing Circle

I am now running a writing circle, which meets on Monday mornings, 10.30am, venue given by request (Hull/East Riding of Yorks area) for contact details see Lavender Fields website. A small group of amateur writers are meeting to share each others work, offer support and critique, share publishing or information, and, of course, to share good company, good conversation, a love of words and great coffee (and cake!). We are already improving our writing and getting new ideas by helping each other – some having obtained publication as a result.

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Come along and join us and:

  • Write to improve your life & wellbeing
  • Learn techniques for tapping into your creativity
  • Turn issues into inspiration, problems into poetry
  • Write away your stress
  • Write your own personal history or herstory
  • Write that novel they say is in all of us

Expert guidence is combined with group critique and support in comfortable and sociable surroundings (good coffee and cake an essential part). Occasional writing workshops are planned for the future including journal writing, short stories, poetry, and … combining poetry and

journal art.                                                                  for blog

Personal development workshops – or as I call them – Goddess workshops – are also in the pipeline. These will be categorically fun, spiritual, and empowering; they will be themed, using art, stories, mythology, archetypes, and personal experiences. Themes may include archetypes such as dragons, the triple Goddess, seasons, unicorns, the Green Man, flowers, faeries and much more. Some of these workshops may be online in due course. Watch this space.




Hidden Connections


Hidden Connections (also read my poem Remembering Albion in Mythumbrian Dreams) Images: Water   Sky   Past & present     Flowers   Mythology         Colours              Peace Path/ways         Hidden ways     Stairways         Trees                Stillness            Eternity

Connections: I enjoyed another very interesting meditation the other day – this one looking at various images of the landscape. The aim of the meditation was to consider connectivity. It had two levels – firstly identifying links between the images (resulting, for me, in the above list) then searching for wider connections. The over-riding connection that I made between these images was a composite thing linking all of the words that I wrote in my journal – as above. From the images, and the connective words I got a feeling of otherworldliness. No! that isn’t right – not otherworldliness but hidden worlds, connected worlds, archetypal worlds. Worlds on the edge of this reality or within reality – worlds within worlds: worlds just out of sight down leafy pathways and up stony stairways; under and over rolling hills and moorland, or between whispering trees; under natural or man-made arches; or beside bottomless lakes and tide-washed beaches. Worlds that with only a pinch of stardust we might see for ourselves; Worlds steeped in the mythologies of a landscape and trapped, waiting to be awakened from within the memories of rocks, trees and water … and our own inner selves. These are images of infinity – images that evoke feelings dredged from deep within the psyche, innate feelings, archetypes recorded in our cells, perhaps within our very genes – reminders from when life was simpler and much more magical; feelings that lay hidden and secret until something awakens them; feelings familiar to ancient people and present folk alike, and that will still be apposite in eons to come, no doubt. Emotional landscapes linked to geographic landscapes; primal feelings – of peace, stillness, security, being connected, tribal, inducing a sense of deep belonging – to each other, to our ecology, to our planet. They are sad feelings too, invoking an awareness of our mortality, our transience on this ancient planet. Our time is fleeting yet eternal. The images evoking these feelings are also ancient, having remained virtually unchanged since prehistoric times – the same sea, the same skies, the same mountains, trees and plants – just a little older, a little more deeply etched within the sands (and other topographic or psychometric features) of time. Here the links take us back into the past and yet propel us forward into everywhere, every-when. They conjure up the possibilities of endless, multiple dimensions, nestled one against the other; each one a product of major cultural decisions over time yet remaining within those basic, all-connecting, archetypal templates. Dimensions we are able to slip into at will … maybe … just up this path, down these stairs, under those arches … or if we stare long enough at the endless sky or mirror-like water, or breathe in too much of that heady scent of flowers. There are stories in those images, stories within the feelings they induce, ancient stories lying hidden in the depths of our own souls, lying hidden, awaiting a chance to be reborn; ready to materialise at a particular sight, a specific sound, a certain smell, a special touch …archetypal image